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NZX Interim Report 2021

As New Zealands Exchange, were driven by a big ambition for our country - and our results for the first half of 2021 reflect the progress were making in building a diversified financial markets infrastructure and services business as a strength for NZ, local companies and all Kiwis.

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Listing Rules Review

NZX has published the non-confidential submissions received from interested parties in response to the exposure draft of the NZX Main Board/Debt Market listing rules. More than 30 submissions were received.

NZX plans to publish the final approved updates rules in Q4 2018 together with details for the implementation and transition plans. subject to approvals, it is intended that the updates rules will take effect from 1 January 2019 with a 6 month transition period before the changes fully take effect.

Secondary Markets Update

NZX will implement changes to its trading and clearing pricing structure in October. Targeted policy changes and technology improvements will also be introduced.

Driving secondary market development, further improving liquidity levels and enhancing price transparency were some of the most important initiatives outlined in the exchanges refreshed strategy

Learn more about the changes here.

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