eTrainetc, LLC has developed a scalable eMicroSim™ platform (SaaS model) to improve training and education anytime and anywhere.

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eTrainetc Platform

eTrainetc, LLC has engineered a unique self-authoring platform for micro-simulation development, editing, customization and more. This is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that includes a suite of development tools and industry specific eMicroSims™ for use and editing. Our easy-to-use platform accelerates the development time from weeks or months to days.

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eMicroSim™ Library

The eTrain eMicroSims™ enable learners to interact with limitless virtual scenarios, make decisions, and confirm their critical thinking skills, knowledge application, and confidence levels. These industry standard eMicroSims™ can integrate with any LMS or platform. Please feel free to take a few examples from this link.

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eTrainetc Custom Solutions

eTrain provides a wide variety of custom services for your company. Your competitive advantage starts with demonstrating knowledge acquisition and improving confidence through the eTrain solutions. From custom eLearning, simulations, custom LMS/LRS, xAPI and data analytics services , videos, to virtual reality and everything in between, eTrainetc, LLC has you covered.

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eTrain Healthcare

eTrainetc, LLC has developed many solutions for the healthcare industry. We currently work with schools (medical, nursing, etc.), providers (hospitals, long-term care facilities, etc.), and medical device companies to improve safety and much more by leveraging our unique platform.

For specific healthcare-related services, please go to:

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“They are the best”

I have been working with the team at eTrain for years. They provide quality services and are great to work with.

“A Better Way to Train”

This new method of training is better suited for the busy healthcare professional. I enjoyed being able to work out a scenario at my own pace while learning new skills and refreshing old ones.

“Very Effective Learning”

The training is so user friendly and the scenarios are very realistic. It’s better than going to a SIM center where my hands-on time is very limited.

“Amazing Technology”

eTrain’s training modules are an incredible way to get new information, as I’m a visual or hands-on learner. What a great way to keep up with the ever changing protocols and new technology of the field!

“Nicely done”

The simulation after the video was a good reinforcement of the information!


The interactive component - this will be perfect for fundamentals for students prior to clinical experiences!


Very nice module of teaching, very exciting


A very good explanation of the procedure.


I enjoyed the interactivity with objects and people in the simulation as well as the dynamic quiz system.

What we provide

Our solutions provide structure and transparency to help drive results.

  • US Based Development & Support Staff
  • Dedicated Project Manager for All Custom Projects
  • Rapid Deployment Capability
  • Detailed Reporting and Analytics
  • Highly professional team with tenured experience in:
    • Simulation Technology & Development
    • Education and Training
    • Product Service & Support

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