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Upstox is among the leading discount brokers of India in terms of safety and reliability. It offers 0% brokerage on stock delivery and a fee of flat ₹20 per trade. The company, however, charges maintenance fee known as the Upstox AMC Charges.

AMC stands for annual maintenance charges and as the name suggests, is charged annually for maintaining your Upstox account.

As a Upstox user, you need to pay respective fees, commission, and taxes for trading. AMC is one of them. This article explains all about Upstox AMC charges.

Upstox Annual Maintainance Charges

Opening demat account implies having to pay the Upstox account opening charges initially and later the Annual Maintenance Charges (charged yearly). 

However, Upstox AMC charges are levied only on the Upstox Demat account and not on the Upstox Trading account. This is because opening a trading account with the firm is absolutely free. 

AMC Charges Of Upstox

Upstox charges an annual maintenance fee of ₹150. As mentioned before, this fee only applies to Demat accounts and not to trading accounts.

An account opening fee of ₹150 is charged for NSE and BSE segments. Besides, the fee for MCX is ₹150 as well.

All those who opt for a physical/offline account opening process shall be charged an additional amount of ₹100. 

When a person opens a Demat account with Upstox, the company automatically opens his/her trading account as and when he/she chooses the trading segments.

For a clear idea of the Upstox AMC charges and account opening fee, refer below: 

Account opening charges:

Equity + F&O + Currency Derivatives – Absolutely Free.

Only commodities – Absolutely Free.

The monthly maintenance fee – ₹25 (excluding GST). This is applicable only on Demat accounts and as the name suggests, is charged every month.

Upstox AMC charges 

The Upstox clients need to pay a sum of ₹150 as maintenance charges for their Upstox Free Demat account. Moreover, users can start Upstox Margin trading by paying “zero” charges. 

Upstox Demat AMC  Charges

Upstox AMC charges are often referred to as “Upstox Demat AMC” because this fee is applicable only on Demat accounts.  This is one of the Upstox Demat account charges, there are a few others that are applied when you start trading.

You can open your Upstox Demat account online as well as offline.

  • You can proceed with the online process using your Aadhaar Card. Just fill the Demat account opening form online. Ensure to have a stable internet connection and keep all required documents handy while doing the online account opening process.
  • In case your current mobile number is not linked to your Aadhaar, you can opt for the offline process. Just fill the Demat account opening form, get it printed, and send it to the Upstox head office via courier/post. Do not forget to attach the cheques.

Note that the account opening and brokerage and AMC charges for NRIs are different from that of regular Indian residents.

The table below is a gist of the things mentioned in the article:

Upstox AMC Charges
Upstox AccountCharges
Opening a trading accountFree
Annual maintenance charges of trading accountFree
Opening a Demat account Free
Annual maintenance charges of Demat account  (charged annually)₹150

Final Thoughts

Formerly known as RKSV Securities, Upstox is great for the traders looking for low brokerages and high margins. The motive of the company is to make trading and investments accessible to everyone.

The firm is known for providing an easy and advanced trading platform. Users can save a huge amount on their brokerage as well as open their accounts with nominal opening and maintenance charges. 

With an account opening and annual maintenance charge of ₹150 each, you can start trading without getting your pockets ripped. 

Low brokerage and high margins which are ideal for traders and particularly the bussing ones. Upstox offers these both!  

Also, you can refer Upstox DP details

In case you are looking forward to opening the Upstox account, get complete assistance.

Just fill in a few details and get a callback.

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