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Background of Anchor

  • Anchor Group Limited was established in South Africa as private company called Andotorque in 2009. The company established a strong foothold in the financial services sector, with various interests in segregated portfolio management, education and research, asset management and trade services.

  • In 2014, Anchor converted to a public company and was listed on the AltX of the Johannesburg Stock Exhchange (JSE), with R 5.25 billion in assets. The group has grown quickly, with assets today exceeding R 10 billion in value. Its principal subsidiary is asset management company Anchor Capital Proprietary, which invests capital in the Collective Investment Scheme and hedge categories. Anchor Capital has become South Africa’s fastest growing asset management company. Other subsidiaries include share trade, wealth management and stockbroking provider Anchor Securities, education and research companies Ripple 4 and Investor Campus, and several niche investment firms.

  • Although the group is still a new entry into the financial services sector, it has grown to employ 60 staff. During its short history, the group has proven that it has tremendous capacity for growth, with financial data and Anchor share prices registering very strong performances. The company has paid out several large dividends to shareholders since it was established.

Anchor Shares Growth Driver

  • Anchor has benefitted hugely from a highly credible investment team, good product range and strong management structure. The company’s focus on getting the fundamentals of investment right, and growing the assets of its clients, has seen it rapidly gaining confidence from South Africa’s financial community.

  • From the early days, Anchor took a view of investing in a strong staff complement, sacrificing early profits. This proved to be a very savvy business decision, with the commitment paying off with impressive results for the group, its shareholders and numerous associates and partners.

  • Anchor’s board of directors was recently boosted by the appointment of corporate heavyweights such as former Tiger Brands CEO Nick Dennis and former Bidvest executive director Dave Rosevear. The board has identified a number of opportunities for acquisitive growth, intending to buy quality businesses with excellent track records and work ethic. Anchor has promised that it will remain committed to delivering strong investment returns, shareholder asset growth and consistent Anchor share prices.

Anchor Group Investor Tip

  • All of Anchor’s divisions have boasted impressive growth over the past two years, with an increase in the number of clients and a diversification of products and services in the financial sector. This growth is particularly impressive when considering the economic climate which has severely impacted countless other financial services businesses.

  • With its ability to register impressive financial data during tough times and perform particularly well on the stock market, the Anchor Group is likely to continue reaching greater heights in the future. Shareholders are currently making good returns, meaning that Anchor shares are a sound purchase for investors looking to enter the financial sector.

Anchor Major Shareholders

Basfour 3001 CC, RMB Securities and Masimong Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd.

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How to buy Anchor Group Shares

  • Anchor : How to buy Anchor Group Shares Online

    We have made it simple to buy JSE listed firm shares online. The easiest way to buy Anchor Group shares or stocks is to; start by submitting the ‘BUY THIS SHARE’ form. Next, one of our experienced and certified stock brokers will personally get in contact with you to discuss your custom stock request. Finally, a stock advisor will confirm the amount of shares you are looking to invest in Anchor Holdings and assist you with the setup and management of your stock portfolio account.

  • Here are the steps you must follow to Buy / Purchase Anchor Group shares with utmost confidence:

    1. Start by Filling in the BUY THIS SHARE form.
    2. Insert your name, email, telephone number and monthly remuneration.
    3. Then, Indicate the amount you are looking to invest in Anchor.
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    6. Lastly, your newly appointed personal stock advisor will handle all account setups and reporting as stipulated by the financial services board of South Africa (FSB)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Anchor Group Limited?

A Financial Services Holding company that focus on asset management, financial education and research services.

Can you buy Anchor Group Limited Shares Online?

SA Shares website has made it simple to buy JSE listed firm shares online.

Is Anchor Group Limited a good share to buy?

View the Anchor Capital Group Investor Tip here

When was Anchor Capital Group listed on the JSE?


When was Anchor Group Capital founded?

In 2009 as a private company called Andotorque.

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