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Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP)

Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) merupakan satu alat analisis teknikal yang digunakan untuk mengukur harga purata yang ditimbang mengikut volum. VWAP biasanya digunakan dalam carta harian sebagai satu cara untuk menentukan arah umum harga tersebut. VWAP adalah sama dengan purata bergerak iaitu apabila harga berada di atas VWAP, harga akan semakin meningkat manakala apabila harga berada di bawah VWAP, harga akan jatuh. Biasanya VWAP digunakan oleh penganalisis teknikal untuk mengenal pasti trend pasaran.

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This is a trending strategy designed for stock market, especially long trending assets such as TSLA, NIO, AMAZON and so on. Its made of volatility bands and weekly VWAP, in this case daily and weekly. This strategy has been adapted to go long only. Rules for entry For long , we want to enter close of a candle is above vwap weekly, and at the same time the...


This is a long only strategy designed maily for stock markets and futures. In general it works best with 1h, however it can be optimized with other timeframes as well. Components: VWAP MACD histogram EMA 9 Rules for entry Long : For VWAP: close is above the vwap daily EMA: close is above the moving average MACD histogram is above 0 Short: For VWAP: close...


Awesome indicator that will plot on your chart up to 3 different VWAPs and optionally up to 3 standard deviations for each one. Each VWAP can be configured to be a Rolling or Anchored VWAP and to automatically adapt its period depending on the current chart timeframe. For example, you can configure each VWAP to be a rolling 30min VWAP for timeframes below 30M, a...


Oscillator based on VWAP and its standard deviations. It will display VWAP as a zero line and then an indicator line showing where price is in relation to VWAP expressed as Standard Deviation units. This indicator is based on my awesome indicator TurboVWAP, so it shares most of its features: - you can select whether you want a rolling or an anchored VWAP as...


This is a simple yet very efficient swing strategy designed for crypto and stock market, using big timeframes. Its main component is VWAP weekly, so for best scenarios its better to use big timeframes such as 8h+. The rules for entry are simple: If our close if above vwap weekly we enter long . If our close is below vwap weekly we enter short. We exit from...


This indicator shows how to Multi Time Frame (MTF) interpret levels: Watch how price acts around these levels and how they can act as support/resistance and can be used as great confluence levels for your technical analysis. This indicator displays: VWAP Levels Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Yearly Within the chart above I have marked out how displaying these...


This is a simple intraday strategy for working on Stocks or commodities based out on Super Trend and intradays best friend - VWAP . You can modify the start time and end time based on your timezones. Session value should be from market start to the time you want to square-off Important: The end time should be at least 2 minutes before the intraday square-off...


Multi Range Pivots works by recognizing the high and low of the timeframe selected and plotting range high to MEAN averages and range low to MEAN averages. This is essentially the VWAP pivots updated to include not only VWAP as a MEAN, but also SMA, EMA, VWMA, DEMA, TEMA, TRIMA, KAMA, MAMA, T3, H/L basis and Donchian basis. Also, with high and low no longer...


Hello Traders, this is a simple intraday strategy involving the ever reliable VWAP and a chop index to add twist to the traditional style . You can modify the values on the stock and see what are your best picks. Comment below if you found something with good returns Strategy: VWAP based strategy but uses an additional powerful indicator Chop index to help us...


This is a simple intraday strategy using very basic intraday super indicators - RSI & VWAP for working on Stocks . You can modify the values on the stock and see what are your best picks. Comment below if you found something with good returns Strategy: Indicators used : The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is one of the most popular and widely used momentum...


Hey, traders! This script calculates the VWAPs change rate against ATR in a number of k-lines. It controls the VWAP lines color based on the average change rate, and it changes its color in a time-weighted way. 1. Calculating vwapValues rate of change 2. Controlling Lines color based on the average change rate against ATR 3. Calculating average change...


ENGLISH & SPANISH ------------------------------------- ENSLIGH The idea was initially inspired in the concepts shared by @LazyBear on his indicator Better Volume Indicator (). But I found it somewhat complicated and dull. So I came up with this. Concept: It...


Multi Range VWAP Pivots turned out to be one of my most accurate pivot indicators to date! Multi Range VWAP Pivots works by recognizing the high and low of the timeframe selected (D, W, M, 6M, and 12M) and plotting range high to VWAP averages and range low to VWAP averages. After further examination of each completed range, I came to the conclusion that due to...


This strategy is extremely useful for positional traders or traders using timeframe 15-minute of higher. It uses following combo of values: VWAP, CCI, Volume and Moving average (simple and exponential) Caution: Avoid taking trade if candle size is greater than twice the average candle size. for that wait for the retracement to near trailing stoploss


This indicator shows 1 and 2 standard deviation price move from the VWAP based on VIX. Implied Volatility (IV) is being used extensively in the Option world to project the Expected Move for the underlying instrument. VIX is used as a proxy for SPYs IV for 30 days. This indicator is meaningful only for SPY but can be used in any other instrument which has a...


This indicator looks for the highs and lows using the highest / lowest of 4 different periods. The default values are 17, 72, 305 and 1292 inspired by BO Williams phicube fractals. The indicator will show anchored vwaps from those 8 dynamic points (4 tops and 4 bottoms). A true trend is defined when 4 fractals line up without much opposite resistance (only the two...


original script by /u/SandroTurriate/ - I just made some small changes. Vwap + standard deviation bands. Good for reversal trading among other things. Used intraday. Very useful when price is ranging. I added the option to fill the spaces between the deviation lines with color and also the option to add some extra bands. Thats about it. Color/length/style etc...


EmperorBTCs VWAP Indicator & Strategy v2.1 coded by Bogdan Vaida This indicator was created after EmperorBTCs conditions. Good timeframes for it: 30, 15, 5 To convert from strategy to study switch the commented lines in the beginning and at the end of the script and vice versa. What this indicator does is to check if: o Pivot Point was...

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