Twister: When Disaster Strikes!



You have just survived a devastating tornado, but another one is on the way and set to impact in one hour. The house you took shelter in has been all but destroyed, with most doorways and pathways littered with debris. The house seems to be abandoned… Strangely, however, there are a multitude of locks, codes, and clues throughout the house. Where do these clues lead to? Why are there locks and keys inside the house? Is there a hidden tornado shelter somewhere in the house? Is the house abandoned or not? Either way, you are trapped in an increasingly dangerous house and situation. Make your way to safety or face the devastating forces of mother nature.… When the next tornado strikes!



New Operating Procedures and Requests in Response to COVID-19

At Xscape, our #1 priority has and always will be the safety and security of our customers. Although the risk and rate of infection of COVID-19 in our state and region is low, and group sizes at Xscape are 10 or less; we are taking necessary precautions in order to ensure a safe and risk-free environment to our customers and guests. As a result, Xscape is implementing new cleaning and operating procedures throughout our entire facility and escape rooms. We kindly ask for your patience and understanding while our staff cleans and disinfects all escape room surfaces before and after each gameplay. While resetting and cleaning escape rooms, game-operators will wear disposal gloves which will be discarded immediately following each game reset and cleaning. Additionally, staff will clean and sanitize our entire facility before opening each day. Furthermore, all commonly touched surfaces in our facility will be cleaned and sanitized regularly throughout each date of operation.  

 In addition, we are respectfully asking our customers and guests to follow our requests and guidelines:

  1. If you are sick, running a fever, or have been within six feet of someone showing cold or flu-like symptoms, please do not visit until you have been to the doctor and/or been tested.
  2. We recommend that guests wear a protective facemask, particularly if you or a relative have pre-existing health conditions and/or are considered a high-risk individual.  (Please DO NOT wear medical gloves, as they can increase the spread of virus, bacteria, and germs).
  3. Please use our hand sanitizer and/or restroom sink to wash and/or sanitize your hands before and after your escape room gameplay). Hand sanitizer is available throughout the entire facility, please feel free to use it as much as you please.

Lastly, even though the max number of guests per escape room is only 10(low-risk), we are going the extra mile for our customers. Xscape is offering free private event upgrades! This means that you and your group members will not be grouped with any other guests, regardless of your group size. To book your private event free of charge, simply click the private event box when booking online. A private event option normally requires that you pay for all 10 slots ($250). Now available at no additional charge! This is just another step Xscape is taking to ensure that our guests have a safe, fun, and worry-free experience at Xscape.

From day one, Xscape and its staff has always made customer safety and security the #1 priority, above all else. We have always understood that our customers must feel safe and secure in order to let go of reality and fully immerse themselves in our escape rooms. While the threat of COVID-19 is a new one, we are taking pre-cautionary measures to combat the risk, just as we always have with all risks and hazards that could potentially threaten our customers’ safety and well-being. From all of us here at Xscape, we ask that you trust us and work with us to maintain a safe, enjoyable, and fun environment for all visitors. Most of all, thank you for supporting Xscape with your business. We could not do what we do without you, and for that we are grateful. Thanks again and we will see you soon in your next escape at Xscape!

Bombsquad: Its All Wired!


Now accepting bookings!

Players take on the role of government agents who have finally tracked down a crazed conspiracy theorist who hopes to destroy the nation. As players enter his dingy unkempt apartment, they are greeted via video by the madman, who has trapped them inside! To make things worse, the entire apartment is wired with an escalating series of complicated lethal devices and bombs! They must now prove their superior intelligence by disarming and overcoming all the lunatics traps and doomsday machinery within 60 minutes... Or the nation is doomed!

Curse of the Mummy Escape!

You are part of an archaeological excavation of a CURSED Egyptian tomb. Traps have stripped your fate. Doors have closed and you will run out of air in 60 minutes. Egyptian head pieces, real sand, lighting, pneumatics, and other special FX and props work together in order to create an extravagantly detailed environment like no other. This escape adventure features not only one but three rooms! The Curse of the Mummy escape room & puzzle adventure creates an immersive experience that feels like youre right in the middle of a movie!

THE GOAL: To escape the mummys tomb in 60 minutes or less. You and your group members must work together as a team. Throughout your Egyptian journey, you will discover fascinating clues, artifacts, and secrets within the mummys tomb. Using these clues, you will solve riddles and puzzles to make your way through the tomb and its safeguarded chambers. Book the Curse of the Mummy at Xscape for the experience of a lifetime!

Xscape is a top rated attraction that is great for fun, team building, family bonding, date night, birthday parties, and so much more. Plan your visit to Xscape for an unforgettable experience you will never forget!

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Xscape is an escape room Attraction dedicated to bringing an immersive, entertaining, fun, safe, and team building environment to its guests! Once you book your experience, you will arrive and park at Xscape at your appointed time and enter the lobby to check in. In the escape room at Xscape, groups of 10 enter the room together. Each group is given 60 minutes to work together in order to solve clues and puzzles in order to escape the room. Xscape creates and delivers an atmosphere which is great for friends, family, co-workers, and anyone seeking a fun and safe night out!

What People Are Saying...

This escape room was BEAUTIFUL. A group of my friends and I visited this last weekend and were amazed by both the quality of the escape room and the challenging (yet doable) puzzles and riddles. This is a MUST TRY for anyone in the area or traveling. We Loved It!
- Jordan K

This is very exciting, fun and interesting, bring friends and family ! This makes you work as a team and would be wonderful for new employees to learn trust and teamwork !! Did I mention it is fun too??
- Stephen R

It is an awesome family and team building experience!!! I cant wait to go back and make our escape!!
- Faith D

Honestly, weve been to several escape rooms across the Charlotte area, and Greenville Breakout...all of which were challenging and enjoyable, but this by far is the best laid out room Ive ever seen! Way more than I expected! Hope you enjoy this as much as our team did!
- Casie S

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