Theyll sell you BU coins, but will take no responsibility when they come back graded cleaned. Deceptive marketing practices at best, and fraud at worst. Steer clear.


Avoid wh2en I wanted to sell my coins…

Avoid wh2en I wanted to sell my coins salesman said he would get back to me never did a quasi scam place they sell you new coins that never appreciate buy silver bullion instead elsewhere!


Garbage mix of dates in wheat cent bags

I have bought 25,000 wheat cents from this company and will never buy again they say pds mints but they are all P mints. They say you never know what youll find but let me save you the time and money. If you buy a bag of 1909 to 1919 they are 99.8% 1919 with the other. .2% being 1918P. Bags of 1920s pds are all 1920 and 1929 P mints. Absolutely garbage from this place. Their prices are a little steep as well especially for such low quality mixes. Thanks apmex. My collecting days are over and you are to blame. Shame on you and your rotten business practices.


Apmex customer service is the worst and…

Apmex customer service is the worst and the only that is that beats there terrible service is their prices. I have repeatedly tried to buy products from them but their competitors are always cheaper with far better sales and customer service. I spend thousands a month and I just overpaid for some products to hit there next customer loyalty level which is most likely a waste of time and money. This company and people who work don’t give a crap about their customers or the service they provide. I will likely never buy anything again from except maybe on Black Friday which I don’t even expect to find anything worth wild. I hate to post such a negative review but Apmex is probably the worst site to purchase precious metals for seasoned investors


Second best bullion company I have ever…

Second best bullion company I have ever used. Best is jm bullion but I just got duped by a scam outfit and had to leave a negative review for them cause I trusted the new outfit that uses the trustpilot seal. Not sure if I should ever trust this trustpilot again but want to leave some good reviews for the good companies, I always feel badly when I must leave a bad review for a crooked outfit. APMEX is robust and large, with great products and great support, their shipping is a little slow but worth the wait. I wont stray again!


Total scam and a bunch of criminals

Total scam and a bunch of criminals. They have a couple guys that work for USPS and these steal packages, knowing that inside are precious metals. Then everybody got their cut and in the best case scenario, insurance pay for loss. I didn’t even get that. Apparently my package wasn’t insured at all! I cannot understand why they’re still not in a jail?...


Took 3 weeks to deliver coins in stock!

I ordered 5 Silver Coins that are in stock. I had to call twice after 10 days to inquire where was my order? I asked for the supervisor. He had a very crappy unprofessional phone etiquette.

15 days after my order the coins arrived. Just unacceptable!! Expensive and very bad customer service!

Hard to do business with a very weak, bad customer service and shipping1


Rude/Arrogant Thieves.

What can I say, they are Thieves! I purchased .75 ounce gold from these jokers. Was shipped with UPS to an apartment complex though I provided the apartment number and the recipient contact number, UPS didnt make contact and gave the package to some no name and filed that they gave it to the recipient. I contact AMPEX to dispute the delivery and they told me to have my recipient file a police report so that my refund can be processed. Neither myself nor my recipient are from the US nor ever filed a police report so, I called AMPEX to find out the process for the police report, which someone from Claims Department was reluctant to help and behaved extremely arrogant and rude. Anyways, my recipient filed a report online with the police and we sent them a copy...later I found out that the actual copy of police report would be ready 2 weeks after filing and what we sent them was just a report filing statement. They quickly denied the claim without explaining what we sent to them was incorrect. They didnt even give us a chance to wait a little for the police report to be ready and they alleged according to UPS GPS data, the package was delivered at the correct address. If they have all this information, why ask your customers to file a police report? I subsequently called them asking this same question and the claims department was extremely rude and even eluded to I was trying to scam them. I ask to speak to her supervisor, in which she place me on an indefinite hold. I hang up, called back and non of the supervisors wanted to speak to me. I was livid. Subsequent to this, I purchase 1oz gold from JMBullion that got delivered to the same address safely. In fact, at the time of purchase JMBullion provided detailed instructions on what I can do to ensure safe delivery of the package which AMPEX doesnt care to provide their customers. Screw them and stay away from these people.


I wish I would have avoided doing…

I wish I would have avoided doing business with this company. They will not stand by you if packages are lost and will do everything they can to ignore you. Research who you buy your precious metals from. These people do not care about their customers. I recommend staying far away from this company.


Made an order for 1 ounce gold pamp and…

Made an order for 1 ounce gold pamp and received the order in good timing and great condition. I feel like a lot of the negative reviews are of scammers who tried to get over this gold company, along w many others, and their plan to swindle the system did not work. Lol


I placed my very first order with APMEX…

I placed my very first order with APMEX and received exactly what I ordered. It was shipped in a very secure container and the contents were secured to prevent any damaged to the coins. Product arrived within the time frame stated. I will definitely used APMEX in the future.





HIGHEST premiums in the…

Company has the HIGHEST premiums in the industry. Avoid at all costs. I just tried to leave a negative review on their website and was unable to. I am a former customer of theirs before they decided to do what they are currently doing. Disgraceful!


No Integrity!

This company apparently has no integrity. They sent my silver bars without proper packaging so all the bars arrived damaged. I called immediately & was told they would exchange my items. I sent the items back the very next day. It has been a month and a half & I still dont have my replacement bars. I called & was told some of my bars were out of stock. Instead of offering to send me another brand of the same size, they said they will refund my money & I would have to repurchase. So, now since the price of silver has gone up its going to cost me money to replace these bars. Ive called & e-mailed to discuss the situation but Im being ignored. I am done with this company and now so is my father-in-law (a long-time customer of theirs). My advice - find another company who cares about their customers!


Aztec 1oz silver rounds were a no show

I ordered some Aztec 1oz silver rounds. A couple of days short of a month later I received an email from them saying they had an inventory problem so I could upgrade or get my money back, I selected a refund and they did so promptly so I salute them at least for that. Im just wondering how this inventory problem happened in the first place. It does bother me that they had my money for a month, interest free and all due to their mistake. Anyway, I reordered from another company for nearly the same price. The best part is that the rounds were shipped by this other company within two days.


I purchased silver from APMEX several…

I purchased silver from APMEX several times. One month ago I became one of the victim never received my order. I called customer service and they promised me to investigate . I tell you this investigation is so pathetic. So of course APMEX declined my claim as usual. I went to google review about this company and found out that I am not along. So many complaints with never received their order. Wow! That’s a lot of money. Instead investigating so many cases that company better to manage about protection and security of orders.


Everything is opposite of great

Everything is great, lots of good orders, until you place your biggest order ever then somehow your package disappears in transit.
Oh but its insured right? Not according to USPS. They lied, its Private insurance You will have to jump through 35 hoops and go to your police department and file a police report even though your package disappeared across the country in Oklahoma.
I highly recommend avoiding this company and going with jmbullion or another reputable online dealer that hasnt had their packages profiled by USPS-employee-theives.
So Im out several thousand bucks and apmex is looking for anyway to get out of covering it. If I get reimbursed I will update my rating.



GO ANYWHERE ELSE - I lost £135 using them.
Late by 2 months. HORRIFIC CUSTOMER SERVICE. I Order 100Oz Silver (Small and simple order) - 25Oz arrived damaged (I paid VAT on this) - Sent 25Oz back in order to get 25 Oz in good condition - Now I am being forced to pay VAT on this second amount. So I am being charged DOUBLE VAT on 25Oz Silver, Contacted APMEX for advice Its not our problem. It is their problem as so self acclaimed International Seller of Metals. They ignore all of your emails and do not follow proper practices to protect their customers. I will NEVER order from them again!



Scam, over value coins, send wrong coins, refuses to take calls or assist with any issues. Just bad service and lack of credibility. I will not use or recommend this place. Once they get your money, you are on your own, good luck.

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