56 minutes | Aug 9, 2021

Tuffers and Vaughan: Silverwood’s Selection and Bresnan’s funny bone

Eleanor Oldroyd, Michael Vaughan and Phil Tufnell discus England’s 1st Test with India before looking ahead to the 2nd at Lords. You’ll hear from the England Head Coach Chris Silverwood on the likelihood of changes to personnel and the former Indian batsman Deep Dasgupta on how the tourists will react to the rain forcing a draw at Trent Bridge. Tim Bresnan also drops by to explain how he’s been helping Jofra Archer, having had multiple elbow surgeries himself. TOPICS: 10.40 – Discussion on how test match cricket deals with weather 17.30 – Joe Root’s form 23.30 – Likelihood of the Ashes being postponed 24.30 – Silverwood and changes for the 2nd Test 39.00 – Deep Dasgupta on India 45.45 – Tim Bresnan on Jofra Archer’s elbow injury

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